About Us

We are a team of four local moms here in Albuquerque striving to help contribute financially while doing something we love.

Heidi, Owner - Luxe Supply Co. is the result of my endless search for supplies to use in my own boutique. After finding tons of fabulous supplies, I realized I needed a way to de-stash my craft room and share my amazing finds. My supply company grew by leaps and bounds, and soon it was more than a full time job :)

I have a wonderful husband who supported me and my vision for Luxe Supply Co. I am so grateful to him for watching our kids, cooking meals, cleaning the house, and helping fill orders as needed for the two years I spent working 60-80 hours every single week without a pay check starting this business. I could't have done it without him!!

I have two children (a four year old daughter and two year old son). I love being a mom!! I am so grateful to all of our customers for providing us all with jobs that allow us to spend more time with our children!

Amanda, Manager - I have been working with Heidi for awhile now and I LOVE MY JOB!! I have a little boy who is the light of my life and trust me, working here makes me want a little girl:) I am also enrolled in cosmetology school part time so my day is jam packed, but I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Angela - I'm a single mother of two amazing "Little Humans" Working with these amazing women is not only fun but also empowering. Daily, I look forward to going into work and I couldn't ask for a more enjoyable place of employment.

Kelsi - I am currently going to beauty school with Amanda in addition to working at Luxe. I have a little boy, so being around all this cute stuff really makes me want a little girl. My favorite part of my job is helping to design new DIY kits! It's so fun getting creative with so many designs to choose from.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by!