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Football Onesies

Football Onesies
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Just in time for football season!! These football onesies are absolutely adorable!! Pair with our DIY or finished team headbands for a complete outfit. These onesies are made of high quality, thick, and super soft cotton! No thin and see through onesies here! These are finished with an adorable ruffle bum for a girly touch!

*PLEASE NOTE: The print on the front of the onesie can be slightly off center. It shouldn't affect the way that is is worn but it may be noticeable.

★ As with any children's clothing, please be aware that sizing is approximate as all children grow at different rates. Please order by your child's size, not their age. THE ROMPERS TEND TO RUN ON THE SMALL SIDE, WE RECOMMEND ORDERING THE NEXT SIZE UP TO BE SAFE if you are unsure how it will fit your child.

The measurement is from the shoulder (where the strap will sit) to the crotch. The straps do have elastic and the romper is stretchy so they will stretch some, but don't count on more than an inch of stretch.

Extra Small ~ 0 - 6 months ~ 12 inches
Small ~ 6 months - 1 year ~ 13 inches
Medium ~ 1 year - 2 years ~ 14 inches

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