Gorgeous metal rhinestone embellishments at wholesale prices!

All of our metal rhinestone embellishments are made with Grade A+ crystal stones so they are crystal clear and stunning!
22mm Rhinestone Metal Buttons "Gun Metal" - Loop
Product ID : MR336
Unique "gun metal" plating color.
18mm Beautiful Rhinestone Metal Button - Loop
Product ID : MR242
Elegant and unique! These buttons are crystal clear and dazzling!
23mm Rhinestones Metal Embellishments - Loop
Product ID : MR273
12mm Pearl & Rhinestone Embellishments
Product ID : MR165 12mm
Add a little touch of elegance to any project!
19mm Pearl and Rhinestone Embellishments
Product ID : MR165-19mm
BEST SELLER!! These are one of our most popular items, they are gorgeous!
20mm Rhinestone Metal Button - Loop
Product ID : MR301
Elegant and unique! These buttons are crystal clear and dazzling!
12mm Metal Rhinestone Embellishments
Product ID : MR179 12mm
Great deal! Plus, these petite rhinestones are so versatile!
26mm Pearl and Rhinestone Embellishments - Flatback - Your choice of color for the stones!
Product ID : MR470COLORED
Your choice of colors!
25mm Rhinestone and Pearl Embellishment
Product ID : MR167 - quality discount given
A glamorous addition to any project, this gorgeous pearl is surrounded by 2...
25mm Rhinestone Metal Embellishment
Product ID : MR408
BEST SELLER!! Crystal clear and sparkling, these embellishments are gorgeous!
23mm Rhinestone Metal Embellishment with a Flat Back
Product ID : MR349
23mm metal rhinestone embellishment with a flat back.
28mm Large Rhinestone Metal Buttons - Loop
Product ID : MR355
GREAT DEAL!! These 28mm buttons are an amazing price for their size. Plus,...
18mm Metal Rhinestone Buttons with Loop
Product ID : MR313
18mm vintage style metal rhinestone buttons. These are sold individually,...
24mm Metal Rhinestone Embellishments with a Flatback
Product ID : MR239
These are sold individually, with quantity discounts.
21mm Metal Rhinestone Buttons with Loop
Product ID : MR331
21mm metal rhinestone buttons with a loop at back. These are sold...
Our metal rhinestones embellishments are extremely high quality! Every rhinestone style has been stress tested and is packaged accordingly. In the rare event that you get a "lemon" (a rhinestone falls out during shipping), simply send a message with a picture of the defective rhinestone and we will refund the cost of the rhinestone to you.